The Little Knife Ledaboo
(in postproduction)

China is the New World Power. It takes over the moon. The film is a black comedy, which tells the stoies of five Americans, who illegally immigrate to China, to fulfill their Chinese Moon Dream. 

Drew Benton Victoria Kereszi

Drew Benton Victoria Kerezsi Victoria Kerezsi Misha Rabinowich

Dew Benton Victoria Kerezsi


Blind Spot
2008; 83'

A film for those who can see! This is the new black comedy by Oleg Mavromatti, master of provocation and founder of the Super New Wave of the Russian independent radical film. A film about the ability to see the world in a different way, a way most people do not see it, while their eyesight is being filtered in the name of the phantom “comfort and calmness.”
In English with Bulgarian and Russian subtitles.

Jim Finn

Jim Finn


SZ ZS Performance
2005; 10', DVD

Reality and reflection have always been separated by border – barrier, screen, horizon
and their physical unification have seemed to be impossible. However Boryana Rossa’s symbolic gesture, where the surgical tread fixes the physical flesh to the mirrored, illusionary flesh, makes us think differently.
Is it possible to represent the "real, symbolic and imaginary" (according to Lacan) in one gesture? How can we "depict" the real?
The video is made during the performance, shoot with two cameras. The first documents the performance and the second, which is a surveillance camera, is attached to the head of Oleg Mavromatti who does the stitching. His camera is connected to a TV set that translates real time the video from his camera becoming the eye of the „viorist,“ facilitating the audience with this mediated image of the real action that can be observed along with it.
The sound, directing and editing of the film is done by Oleg Mavromatti. This video is an example of the specific method of documentation of performances developed by ULTRAFUTURO collective that includes the act of documentation within the performance itself. The documentation thus is an art piece by itself--incorporating elements of live spectacle improvisational and pre-directed video shoot. Most of the videos of the art collective are made by Oleg Mavromatti.

SZ ZS performance Boryana Rossa 

The Man from the Moon

(never finished)

We stopped the work on the movie, temporarily. "The Man from the Moon" is a movie about Pavel Gorgulov, a russian anarchist and poet, a radical ecologist, who in 1932 killed the president of France, Paul Doumer.

The Rats are Leaving the Shop

2002, 51', Mini DV, SVHS, BETACAM SP
Director: Oleg Mavromatti
Featuring Yavor Kostov and his camcorder

This is a film about the last minutes in the life of a New York immigrant artist in September 2001. It was shot following the controlled improvisation principle with a movie camera recording the artist's actions in a 50 minute take without cuts, a serious challenge for the senses - even of a trained audience.


Pigs in Space
2001,10', SVHS, DVD
Director. Oleg Mavromatti

Mix of a scene of the Hollywood Sci-Fi Red Planet and real footage of a butchery near Sofia, this hilarious, yet cruel video juxtaposes the pathos around a dying human to the pitiless murdering of animals, whose life is evaluated most often according to an anthropocentric value system.

Through this juxtaposition the author stands for reconsideration of the human attitude to animals.


The Biggest Meatball in the World
2001, 94', BETACAM SP
Director. Oleg Mavromatti

Is there still a need of showing a film, or is it enough to get together a bunch of actors in the showroom, diligently acting as an audience? Does modern cinema need an audience, or you can place the showroom on the screen and create a drama in the showroom itself?
Or just to transfer the fragmentary images of the real audience on the screen through a mobile camera... No, this is just an extravagant contemporary project, a game in the non-spectacular mode, for cinema, after all, is essentially a story told from the screen - an archetypal, trivial, full of cliches, but, nevertheless, a story...
"The Biggest Meatball In The World" is an example of nearly classical in its structure, traditionally referential in its postmodern status, polystylistic, and metaphorical cinema...

Such films you can find a million, and the only difference here is the "artisation" of the history of modern art, i.e. this is a story about contemporary art tendencies in the language of these same art tendencies.

And, of course, this is a film coming from the Eastern, the post-communist block, so it is also about the impossibility for the East to acquire the art language of the West, the ever existing problem of communication between the blind and the deaf.



- Prize for the Most Honest Film, Stik Moscow Film Festival, 2003
- First prize of Dreamcatcher International Video and Film Festival 2000, Kiev, Ukraine

2000, BETACAM SP, DVD, 95 min.
Director. Oleg Mavromatti
Starring : Egipetskii Mag, Elena Lapteva; English voice over : David D'Agostino; Camera, editing & 3D Animation : Oleg Mavromatti: Music : DJ Hlam

Real Horror from the electric appliances shop! A terrifying movie about Russian mobs and documentary from Chechen War).

"The Bastards utilizes defects to emphasize the real embodiment of character and to confront the slick, spectacular effects that dominate mainstream film making".

"Nikita Chrustev said in the beginning of the ‘60s that he was going to abolish money, making it possible to show the last thief on TV. These social works were illustrated in the film “The Lst Thief”. The main character, the last criminal is freed, and comes out into a bright, communistic utopia, with no place for bourgeoisie economy or thievish instincts. He is shocked. What can one steal if everything is free? He feels totally left out of this society.
The main character in “Bastards”, a young borderline city dweller, feels the same way....

Texts from the catalogue of the exhibition Money/Pengar/Dengi, 2001, Stockholm Museum of Art



Green Elephant Calf
1999, 140', BETACM SP
Director. Svetlana Baskova
Producer Oleg Mavromatti
Starring : Vladimir Episantsev, Anatolii Osmolovskii, Sergej Pahomov, Alehander Maslaev

All the joys of death in teh dirtiest film of the millenium!

It is about that "how auful it is to live in a cage, how awful it is to eat the nasty food, and the green elephant calf feels worse than anybody else". Closeness and claustrophobia, a blind love within the woe of the isolation cell deaf walls (an endless source of eternal pleasures), an appeal from the marginal constellations, a recipe for heroism and escape from reality...



Kokki - the Running Doctor
1998, SVHS, 140'
Director. Svetlana Baskova
Producer Oleg Mavromatti
Executive producer Sergei Salnikov

…религиозно-экстатическую картину "КОККИ - БЕГУЩИЙ ДОКТОР". Фильм хорош уже тем, что в нем присутствует уморительная сцена: два подвыпивших мужика меряются членами, причем тот, у кого все скромнее, вопреки очевидному утверждает, что у него "и толще, и длиннее". "КОККИ" - этакий женский взгляд, остроумный и оригинальный, на мужской мир. ...("Матадор" 1999)


The Secret Aesthetic of the Martian Spies 1, 2, 3
1995-97-98, DV, 80' each
Director : Oleg Mavromatti
Producer Sergej Salnikov
Starring : Dmitrii Pimenov, Sergej Pahomov, Alexander Maslaev and others

"Когда лица, лишенные ума, спокойны, то играют в карты, в шашки, читают ведомости, книги, разговаривают вместе,
никого не обижают. Изменение фаз Марса имеет очевидное влияние на возвращение пароксизмов, не зря древния полагали Марс воплощением воинственности..."....... д-р Кибальтич